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Re: champagne

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Elizabeth Ann Wilmshorst wrote:

> I have been reading what everyone has said about cooking with wine. 
> Well what about chamagne? A few years ago I was getting married and 
> looking for the cake. I loved the champagne cake but my fiancee 
> would not allow b/c his mother was a recovering alcoholic of over 10 
> years. The lady at the cake place said the champagne or alcohol was 
> baked out but it left the cake more moist and great. Plus who can 
> get drunk on a little peice of cake. I mean not even the whole cake 
> could have done anything. You could not taste the champagne or any 
> alcohol. Oh well, we didn't choose that flavor even though it was my 

Well, if you couldn't taste the champagne, and the alcohol is supposed to
cook out anyway, I'd think you could get the same results with sparkling
white grape juice.  It's the carbonation that's important, not the

As a rule, I wouldn't put alcohol in anything that I was planning on
serving to a large number of people without being certain that it wouldn't
offend anyone, or without offering a non-alcoholic version.  But, then, I
have alot of relatives that don't drink.

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