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I have been reading what everyone has said about cooking with wine. 
Well what about chamagne? A few years ago I was getting married and 
looking for the cake. I loved the champagne cake but my fiancee 
would not allow b/c his mother was a recovering alcoholic of over 10 
years. The lady at the cake place said the champagne or alcohol was 
baked out but it left the cake more moist and great. Plus who can 
get drunk on a little peice of cake. I mean not even the whole cake 
could have done anything. You could not taste the champagne or any 
alcohol. Oh well, we didn't choose that flavor even though it was my 
favorite. But then again I ended up not marrying him. So now that I 
am getting married later this year, I can now pick it if I want to. 
The point of this was just that she had said the alcohol content 
baked out from the heat. They don't even put a cup of it in it so it 
wasn't much to begin with.