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Added sugar OR milk, for that matter, is not a required element of bread

Until I was told to get off wheat I made a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread
every other day using whole wheat flour (I mill my own), yeast, salt, and
water.  It was wonderful!

It did not, of course, have the cake like texture of most breads today.  But
I much prefer a crunchy crust and a chewy texture any day of the week.

Now I use only spelt flour (milled at home), salt, and water to make
tortillas.  I'm waiting to get a "round tuit" so I can start making a risen
bread with sour dough.

For now, however, the tortillas are just great.  I've a Vitantonio tortilla
maker/baker.  From start to finish a dozen tortillas take less than 30
minutes to make.


Bev Kurtin "The Carotid Kid"