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Vegan Issues

Hi Everyone!

Firstly, thanks to everyone for offering advice on good veggie restaurants in
Atlanta.  I'll let you know which ones I go to.  

My questions concerns people having the SAD questioning a strict vegetarian diet
or even a low-fat diet.  I'm constantly faced with people asking me if I'm
healthy because I'm very thin and don't eat any animal products and have a very
low-fat diet.  I eat mostly whole foods, and if I do eat anything processed I
try to eat natural foods like natural crackers, breads, etc.  I constantly feel
like I have to be on the defense justifying my way of life.  I'm going into
nutrition as a career and have plenty of knowledge at my fingertips concerning
health/nutrition and vegetarian diets, so I feel like I'm pretty educated.  Many
of the issues I'm questioned with are the "Not Getting Enough Fat" issue and
"Not Getting Enough Calories" issue.  I know that this is not recipe-related but
am just curious if anyone experiences  the same problems or has any insight on
the matter.

Thanks in advance,