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Re: pregnancy

There are a couple of books to look for (your library may have them, or be
able to get them interlibrary loan). Info taken from amazon.com

The Vegetarian Mother and Baby Book by Rose Elliot 
    Revised & Updated edition (January 1997) 
    Pantheon Books; ISBN: 0679774106
Part cookbook, part baby-care manual, this updated edition of Rose
Elliot's widely read and highly praised book provides everything one needs
to know about a vegetarian diet for the mother during pregnancy and
breastfeeding, and for the newborn and growing baby. There is an extensive
list of easy-to-prepare recipes, as well as weekly menus to help simplify
meal planning. Full-color illustrations throughout. 

Vegetarian Pregnancy : The Definitive Nutritional Guide to Having a 
Healthy Baby by Sharon K. Yntema
    McBooks Press; ISBN: 0935526218
Thorough and engaging, Sharon Yntema's latest book is a sensible,
trustworthy guide for women who want to enjoy a healthy pregnancy on a
vegetarian diet. Drawing from her own experience and those of other
mothers around the country, combined with the latest nutritional research,
the author provides a complete, up-to-date resource to support the
pregnant woman who chooses to be a vegetarian. 

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