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Vegetarian / Lowfat Pregnancy

Congratulations, Karen!!  How exciting!!

My son is 8 months old, and I followed a fairly lowfat (and totally ovo-lacto
vegetarian) diet throughout my pregnancy (which was wonderful)!  There's a myth
out there that vegetarians have low birth weight babies - mine was 9 lbs. 8

Remember that your baby will need some fat.  Don't beat yourself up if you
can't maintain a totally lowfat diet - I had cravings for onion rings
(horrors!) and gave in 3 times.  I found that I couldn't eat egg beaters
anymore - the smell or something - and I still can't eat them.  Go with your
instincts here - if it isn't appetizing to fix, it won't taste good anyway.  I
ate a lot of pasta, potatoes, salads, steamed veggies, and beans.  Sometimes I
gave in to the cravings for higher fat things like pizza - the cravings were so
strong that I decided to listen to my body.   I would definitely consult your
doctor - he or she may not have a degree in nutrition, but the doctor needs to
know about your diet - especially since you have tried so hard for this miracle
(or miracles)! My doctor was *so* supportive of my diet, and he is still
supportive of my son being a vegetarian.  

Wishing you the best!


"Karen S. Miller" <ksmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote:
Hi everyone.  I just found out I am pregnant (probably with twins) after a
very long haul of trying, treatment, etc... I usually eat low-fat, fat-free,
and have been inspired by many of the recipes on this list.  I'm wondering
how others have handled eating fat-free during pregnancy.  I haven't talked
to my dr yet about diet, because it is still SO early on.  Thanks for any
advice and or suggestions.