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Best times to eat

Well, I guess first of all the best times to eat are when you're hungry, no
matter what the clock says!  That's something I've been training myself to
do, because I've recently recovered from an eating disorder and wouldn't
listen to my body's pleas for food.  Anyway, that's beside the point.  I've
read many articles in health magazines and also online posts, etc. and most
say that breakfast should be your biggest meal, if possible.  Makes sense
since you need to fuel up for the day.  Several sources have said that your
meal size should taper off as the day goes by, making dinner a small meal.
But if you're very hungry, obviously you want more than a small meal.  TIme
and again I read that you shouldn't let yourself get too famished, to
prevent yourself from breaking down and eating a whole bunch.  You should
carry healthy snacks (fruit, cereal, etc.) with you if you're on the run to
keep yourself going and from reaching the point of starvation!  :)  I've
also read that you should watch your carb intakes (of high-glucose carb
foods, like pasta, white bread, & potatoes) and not stock up heavily on
them late in the day.  High-glucose carbs raise your insulin level and the
food energy can be converted to fat quicker than low-glucose carbs (like
whole grain foods).  If you can have dinners with low carbs but a lot of
protein that's best.  
Ummmm, don't know how much this helped, but hopefully it did a little!  :]