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Veg Times pesto recipe should already be in archive

I submitted the recipe years ago after trying it and loving it.  This
should be the same recipe but I deleted the parmesan from what I
submitted. If you want, I guess you could add some ff parmesan but I
don't think the recipe needs it at all. My only recommendation is to
use the sauce immediately because it loses the green color very
quickly.  I recently came across a suggestion to add some cooked
spinach to help boost the green color but I have not tried this yet.

  Date:    Mon, 27 Sep 93 13:05:30 EDT
  From:    jayne@xxxxxxx (Jayne Spielman)

	Lowfat Pesto	(adapted from Vegetarian Times)

	2 cups		chopped fresh basil leaves
	1 cup		chopped flat leaf parsley
	1/4 cup		toasted breadcrumbs
	2 cloves	minced garlic
	3 Tbsp		light miso [paste]
	1/4 to 1/3 cup	water

	In food processor, combine everything except water. Pulse till
	finely minced. With machine running, slowly add water until
	reaches desired consistency.

	According to VT, serves 6
	Recipe as stated by VT (i.e. with Parmesan) has the following
	nutritional analysis

	Per serving: 53 Calories, 3g protein, 1g fat, 8g carb.,
	 2 mg chol, 2g fiber