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No Pudge -- & No Dairy?

Well, I have and interesting experiment to report!
I had these blocks of Mori-Nu Light silken tofu in my cabinet, and wondered
what the heck I was going to do with them.  Then came the discussion on No
Pudge.  Hmmmm.

I took a block and stuck it into the blender.  Whirled it up, but it
remained thick.  Thinned it a bit with yogurt ('cause I had some) to be
yogurt consistency, but soy milk would be perfect.
Measured  it out and used it in the No Pudge brownies!!

They were perfect.  The only difference I noticed, which might have been me,
was that they were a tiny bit less sweet.  But that's extremely subjective.

Interestingly enough, I also forgot about them and cooked them for 10 extra
minutes, and they were simply a bit chewier!!  Imagine how they'd be if I'd
have cooked them for the appropriate time.

Husband and friends, who eschew anything healthy (when did the word
"healthy" become a swear word?) loved them.

I took the rest of the puréed tofu, mixed in some raspberry jam, and ate it
for yogurt the next day.  Yes, it was a bit pasty, but I ignored that and
loved my raspberry flavor.

So... here we have a dairyless brownie!! I don't think it's vegan,
considering the chocolate.  But if that's cocoa powder.... I haven't
checked.  It also became un-fat free, but I think the trade-off is a good
one.I was certain you'd enjoy this wonderful way to get/sneak soy into your

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Thanks for the email!  When you do try the tofu, will you
let me know?  I don't usually have yogurt around the
house, either (as is obvious from my statement that it
makes me naseous, huh?) so I'd love to know other
things that could be substituted.

My husband's the same way.  But, since I do the
cooking, he's learned to live with meatless dinners two
nights, non-meatless one night.  He's even starting to like
my TVP chili. :-)


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> <LOL!>
> I've loved these since I found them about a year ago, too.  They're
> fantastic!
> I am going to try using puréed Mori-Nu Low Fat Silken tofu in them.  I
> forget to buy yogurt, but I always have tofu on hand.  Since it's not a
> rising factor with the yogurt, I'm thinking I might be able to get some
> into my diet and my SAD husband's, too, without much compromise.  Since
> these mixes are really inexpensive (at least to me, and from the store) I
> figure I got nuttin' to lose!
> I will report back! <snappy salute>
> Christine