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RE: Fat Free Mozzarella and Ricotta?

I buy fat free cottage cheese and ricotta, and use a blend in my lasagna or
shells.  Light 'n Lively is the richest cottage cheese I've found outside
Trader Joe's brand.
As for the ricotta?  I've not found one myself, that's better than another.
Mozarella, I use as light as possible, but find the fat free just doesn't
cut it under a broiler.  IN something, yes.  That's fine. I prefer Sargento.
Get this:  There's this product called Mozza-Rella.  It's a veggie product
that comes in different "cheese" types.   The Mozza-Rella was FANTASTIC
melted and broiled over onion soup!!  My husband didn't even know!!!   The
other stuff is very, "eh".
I never skimp on Parmesan.  I use less, but use the real thing.
Cheese is tough and hard to fake!

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Trader Joe's has a whole line of fat free cheeses.  There's one at Fulton
and Marconi (there's also a World Wrapps there, Vince, which you should try
for lunch!), and another at Sunrise and Madison.

I KNOW they have mozzarella; I'm not positive about ricotta.  But you can
probably substitute fat free cottage cheese, of which Trader Joe's makes the
best I've tasted.  Or however that sentence should go.

Bob Williams
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Subject: Fat Free Mozzarella and Ricotta?

Help! I have been using nonfat mozzarella and ricotta to make my
favorite dinner -- eggplant parmesian. Unfortunately, the manufacturer
of the brand that I have been using, Precious, has discontinued the
products. Anyone know of any other brands that might be available in
northern California?


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