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how to steam rice dry

In restaurants, I love the dry Indian rice with grains that separate with so
much flavor. I dislike the gummy rice in Chinese restaurants with grains
that clump together. I do like fried rice, but don't know a way to prepare
this without fat.

But when I steam rice at home, it is always kind of wet and gummy. Even when
I use Basmati. I'd actually like to be cooking brown rice this way, dry and
kind of crispy.

Of course, I measure according to the package's directions and bring rice
and water to a boil then simmer tightly covered like the directions on every
package of rice tell you to do. I've tried a pot on the stove, a
microwavable stemer, an electric steamer and even baking in a caserole dish.
And I've tried reducing the water, but that just makes it stick andburn. How
do others get rice really dry without burning it?