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Milk substitutes, chocolate cravings

Hi, all,

Greetings from parched New Jersey.  Too bad we can't pour all those yucky soy 
milks out onto the dead vegetation out here - a bonus for all!

I've probably tried less than half of what's out there - wore out my taste 
buds with the grossness factor - but my votes go to powdered Better Than Milk 
and Harmony Farms Fat Free Enriched Rice Drink (original flavor ONLY - the 
vanilla flavor was nasty beyond words).  Found the Better Than Milk at the 
HFS but surprisingly found the Harmony Farms liquid in the health food 
section of the supermarket.  The rice drink is on the sweet side but not bad, 
and poured over a not-very-sweet breakfast cereal like Kashi it's pretty 
good.  Has a milky "feel" and the taste at least is reminiscent of milk.  
Gotta have that much if you're having it with a cookie!  I plan to look for 
Soy Good next time I'm at Trader Joe's, though.

Also, has anyone tried Tofutti's new dairy free fudge treats?  I was in a 
chocolate funk a couple of weeks ago and took a chance on them.  They do 
contain aspartame which I don't care to use normally, but at 30 calories 
apiece, no fat and decent taste, it filled the bill nicely.  Double Rainbow's 
chocolate sorbet is also good and more natural but also has *alot* more 
calories - I believe the total calories per serving is 140.  Only about 10 of 
them are from fat, though, so it depends what you're looking for at the