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fat free feta and non-dairy milk

The only brand of Fat Free Feta that I've found is "President".  It's
distributed by BESNIER USA, Inc., P.O. BOX 347,  Belmont, WI 53510

There is a non-dairy milk called "Veggie Milk" put out by Galaxy Foods (The
same people who make Veggie Slices). It's a blend of Organic say, rice and
oats and is the closest thing to milk I've found up to now. (It does have
2.5g fat per cup - but you can always dilute it with water to reduce the
fat.) The address for Galaxy Foods is: GALAXY FOODS CO.,  2441 Viscount
Row, Orlando, FL 32809  Tel: 407-855-5500 
On the net at: www.galaxyfoods.com. 
I don't have any connection with these companies - just like the products. 
   Patty in AZ