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dry cereal

I've had the same problem with dry cereal, trying to avoid milk.  For years I just used
cranberry juice cocktail (the least sweet fruit juice I could find).  Now I use about half and
half soy milk and cranberry juice.  I get nonfat soy milk and the 100% juice version of
cranberry juice.  I like it a lot.  Sometimes I even eat a bowl of cereal for dessert.  To
each her own......

Good luck

I'm trying to not use milk....I've tried soy milk (ugh!), rice
milk-vanilla flavored (too sweet), & almond milk (doesn't "go" good
w/cereal).   Does anyone know of any other milk substitutes or some
other "liquid" to put on dry cereal?  Or maybe a trick to developing a
taste for soy,rice, or almond milk?       Thanks!