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Fruit Pizza

I don't have a recipe for this. A local pizza place make it though and I can 
kind of tell you what they do. You said that you already had the crust. They 
use fruit pie filling. But here is how I would make it. 

I would some apples and peel, core, and slice them. I would cook them in some 
apple juice until they are soft and some of the juice has evaporated. 

While that is cooking I would heat up some apple jelly and spread it on the 
precooked crust for the "sauce". (unless you think that the juice and apple 
mix will be jelly like enough to be a little saucy) Then I would add the 
cooked apples. 

You asked what to put on top of the fruit. At the place here they use icing. 
I would make some icing out of skim milk or fat free yogurt and powdered 
sugar. it needs to be thin so you can drizzle it over. They also put 
crunchies on it. Like you would for apple crisp. 

Even though I don't have a specific recipe I hope this helps you out a 
little. Let us know what you try.