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Malt, not salt

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From: Riki Darling <rdarling@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Relish!/deviled eggs/baking
To: janecol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jane Colman wrote:
> Riki Darling wrote:
> > Baking fatfree: I saw this on a cooking show.  The baker said adding malt
> > would help retain moister and lightness in a low-fat cake. She said you
> > couldn't taste the malt.  Unfortunately I don't know how much she used.  But
> > she added it along with the baking powder so I would try a tablespoon maybe?
> > Would some cake baker out there experiment with this and report to us?  No I
> > don't bake cakes so my interest is purely intellectual.  Inquiring minds want
> > to know. (Well yes I do bake cornbread - only - but this is getting even
> > further afield for the experiments!)
> I don't bake very often any more, but I am an experienced baker--both fatfree and
> (formerly) high-fat versions.  I don't think you would ever put a tablespoon of
> salt in a cake recipe.  You would use one-half teaspoon or a teaspoon at most.

Thanx Jane, but it doesn't say "salt"; it says "malt".

Riki Darling
Spinner, Knitter, Navajo Weaver, Dyer, and Idea Enthusiast
Salt Lake City, Utah