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Relish & Regional Cooking

Sharon wrote  >>I read the violent reactions from someone about relish.
Whats the problem? <<

Sharon, reread.  And return to the original post. As I tried to indicate, as
did the original poster, that I wasn't terribly serious at all.

What's up with the lists these days? <I'm not joking here>  It seems so many
people looking for a reason to be mad? <sheesh>

Yet Riki restored my faith that the sense of humor isn't dead.. >>ROTFL at
this entire post, Christine!  Now get ready...my son-in-law from Louisiana
actually uses *sweet* pickle relish in his tuna fish salad/sandwiches. <<

Riki, <whispering here> I, too, know those who add sweet relish to tuna, and
have, in preVeggie days, been subject to this shocking tidbit in my rosbud
mouth. <snort> They must have southern relatives.. <GD&R> But do you think
they threw in any cornbread with that, er, tainted tuna?  NnnooOOOOoooooo.

I've heard of people cooking with bacon fat.  My mother would roll over in
her grave - were she there. <g>  I dearly love cornbread.  How do you make
yours?  With or without sugar?  With or without actual corn?  With or
without Jalapenos?