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I Relish Relish!

ROTFL at this entire post, Christine!  Now get
ready...my son-in-law from Louisiana actually uses
*sweet* pickle relish in his tuna fish
salad/sandwiches.  Just had to share that with you. 

Harrrumph! Just to add my 2 cents worth to the "Relish Wars" - stop 
pickin' on good ole relish! I've used it in many various dishes with 
great success AND I also add it to my tuna salad/sandwiches and 
everyone who's tried them wants to know how come mine taste so much 
better than theirs - voila - it is my secret ingredient - good old 
sweet pickled relish. 'Betcha I could change the minds of those 
(gotta be a really small minority!) folks if I could just get them to 
try some of the great dishes containing the versatile yet humble 
relish. Riki, you said your son-in-law is in Louisiana; well, I'm in 
Nova Scotia - that relish sure does get around, eh?  :~)