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Relish to mustard..

Oh the joys of catching up on digests! <s>

I LOVE mustard, the sharper the better.  Guess what *I* put in deviled
eggs!!  <ducking> OK!! I'll NOT start that again!! <G>

Mustard makes a great condiment, as do the delicious vinegars Tina mentioned
in your post.  Vinegar makes amazing sauces for vegetables, and a mustard
sauce is great over sietan "chicken and things like that.

I lost and 40lbs without exercise by going extreme (McDougall) then moving
back into Ornish.  I've kept if off for over 5 years.  Now, however, I have
a sedentary job, and must either McDougall again, or get off my dead butt
and start exercising.  <sigh>

This is a good lifestyle.  My DH gets it by osmosis and doesn't really care.
Darned man can lose weight just by breathing hard.  But for me, I feel
better, my body functions better, I don't get food hangovers, and skin is
better.  So in answer to that question about this lifestyle, I submit a
resounding "Yes!"  With mustard and vinegar!