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Cornbread & Relish? Nooooo!

I just caught up on the delicious cornbread recipe you put in.  I can't wait
to try it!
I never knew that's what Johnny Cake was:  Cornbread with sugar!
I am afraid as northern as I am,  I'm *reeeeeallly* a midwesterner, too.
We didn't eat cornbread, because mamma didn't make it.  Although I think my
mom's an amazing cook, with gourmet tendencies, she didn't grow up eating
that -- so we didn't!

I still can't think about the bacon fat.  Perhaps I've been the Low Fat
Queen for too long.  But even as a kid, my neighbor cooked with it and the
idea, oh, got to me.   But everyone I know, if it's mentioned, swears by it.
My husband even uses it to remove splinters.  <sigh>

You're too much, 'ya know?  Worms.  <shudder> <g>