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Re: Cast Iron Cookware

On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, L. F. LaFountain wrote:

> Is this the fatfree list?  What happened to the fatfree people?
> All this talk about cast iron cookware and its glory has skirted the fact
> that they are frying with oil!  It takes fat and oil to cook in cast iron
> cookware.
> Non-stick cookware and glass don't have this problem.  It is light weight
> and easy to clean.  Don't fry but instead BOIL, BAKE, MICROWAVE, AND BROIL.
> Many are avoiding fats and oil in their diets and that's the reason they
> are on this list.  Let's hear from them.  Or have they gone elsewhere?

I don't use oil in my cast iron pan.  I use Pam or some water just like I
do to stir "fry" in my other pans.

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