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I Love Rice! Misc Rice Info

 <<  Im sure there  are many at my health food store but before I go looking
 doesnt anyone have any recomendations? I would also like the fat/fiber counts
 I love rice! Even if you are short on time, please experiment with the
 different rices available to us. I must admit that I am not a big fan of
 converted white rice. It just doesnt tast the same nor look the same ~
 especially the next day. Even if a recipe calls for Minute Rice I always
 substitute with regular white or another rice. Just make big batches and
 in the fridge. Try a rice cooker ~ I am still waiting for mine!  :o)
 I have 2 favorite types of rice. One is regular brown rice. It has a chewy,
 nutty, very yummy taste. It can get rancid, so keep out enough rice that you
 can use up within  a month or less. For a 3/4 cup cooked serving, it has 1.5
 fat (0 Sat Fat),  1 g fiber, 150 cal, 3 g protein. Its only drawback is the
 longer cooking time, but all you need to do is plan ahead. It is definitely
 worth it.
 Basmati rice is my other favorite. It has a wonderful aroma and reminds me of
 India when I smell it cooking!  For a 3/4 c cooked serving, it has 0 fat, 1 g
 fiber, 78 cal, 3 g protein. Its best to rinse the rice thoroughly in a
 colander using cold running water. Let it soak at least a half hour in the
 recipe's amount of water before cooking. (Usually rice is 1 part rice and 2
 parts water/other liquid.)
 I also like jasmine rice, arborio (risotto) and wild rice ~ I have Chippewa
 roots!  I unfortunately do not have the nutritional info on these types,
 because I have put them into containers. Jasmine also has a nice aroma when
 cooking. Arborio is rice from Italy. A creamy and different rice that you
 really should give a whirl. It's cooking isnt too difficult, but you must be
 in the kitchen while it cooks. Wild rice isnt really a rice, but we use it as
 rice either in blends or alone. Its a very hearty grain and much like brown
 rice, it has a longer cooking period.
 If you are leery of trying the different rices that are out there, make a
 blend at home. The flavors are more subtle and not just a one note dish. Our
 fav blend is 40% any white, 40% brown and  20% wild rice. Cook as you are
 cooking just brown rice.
 Good Luck!
 Tina K