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re: grain dessert

Sandy Gambill <gambill@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>I recently ate lunch at a Hare Krishna restaurant called Govindas.
>For desert, they served a grain and fruit mixture. It was gloppy like
>it might have been couscous. Does anyone have a recipe for this?

Hi Sandy,

I have had the same thing over here in Australia... very delicious.
It's actually made from coarse semolina, but I have not been able
to find a recipe for it.  It's not in the little HK cookbook I have, and
try as I might my recipe inventions never turn out quite the same.
I have tried just cooking semolina and adding fruit +/- sugar.
(tinned pineapple or sultanas are good)
If anyone has managed to get the real recipe from an HK
restaurant, I too would love to know it.  :)

Brisbane, Australia