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Re: Pasta & fat

Hi list,

Hi Toni,

Toni wrote:
Also my husband was talking to a friend who said his doctor advised him
that regular pasta and potatoes can increase your cholesterol.

95% of all doctors have 'never' taken a single course on nutrition! This is
astonishing when you consider that so many people (rightfully or wrongfully)
seek advice from their doctors on such matters.

The primary factors which affect cholesterol are genetics and lifestyle.
Whereas food (any), affects cholesterol by 9 - 13% (The Physician and
SportsMedicine, American College of Sports Medicine). By any standards that
is not very much! {Please keep in mind that I am referring to cholesterol
levels 'only'. I am not including the many other medical effects of food}

Genetics are what they are, but lifestyle is where most of us have the
ability to control. Lifestyle includes, but not limited to, stress,
exercise, work and other social aspects.

So, if indeed the information passed down to you from a friend to your
husband, to you, is accurate, there is no known basis for such an ignorant
comment (ignorant meaning lack of knowledge).

I hope this helps,

David Siscoe
Exercise Specialist