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Re: Needed: recipes that freeze well

On Thu, 15 Oct 1998 Kris60625@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Help! My mother-in-law has arthritis in a very serious way. I have done a lot
> of research on arthritis, and know that your diet has a lot to do with it.
> What I need to do for her is put together meals that contain no animal
> products and have as little fat as possible. I want to be able to freeze them
> so she will have meals for a week at a time that she won't have to put
> together herself. She is not able to cook because of the pain, so they now eat
> out a lot which is not good for her. If any of you have recipes that fit, and
> the time to share them with me, I'd be grateful!  You can e-mail me at:
> Kris60625@xxxxxxx  Thanks!

Please share these with the list! As a busy new mom, I've been looking for
recipes I can freeze so I don't have think about what's for dinner when I
get home at night. Thanks!