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Re: Pasta & fat

> Also my husband was talking to a friend who said his doctor advised him
> that regular
> pasta and potatoes can increase your cholesterol.  Has anyone heard this
> before -
> and I'm wondering if this is true if wheat pasta would do the same.  Any
> info on
> either of these points would be greatly appreciated.
> Toni - from cloudy Milwaukee
People and animals are the only things that naturally proudce cholesterol.
Cholesterol is not found in the plant kingdom.  By eating animal products
you will eat cholesterol.  People manufacture cholesterol by eating more
fat than their body needs.  The extra fat is turned into cholesterol.
Many people believe that pasta and potatoes have a lot of fat in them,
reality is that the things people genrally put on their potatoes and pasta
can have a lot of fat in them.