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Re: #309, agar agar pies & apple butter

>Hi, all,
>Nice to see longer digests coming in lately.  :)  Did anyone besides me get a
>blank digest #309??  If not, I'd appreciate a forward - I got a blank from the
>archives, as well.  I know at least one person on the list didn't get it at
>all and she's not an earthlink subscriber.
>Susy, I've never known anyone to make a pie from agar agar - only 'jello'.
>Would you mind sharing?  (Please email if it's not according to the ff
>Kim, here's the easiest recipe for apple butter on earth - peel and slice your
>apples, put them in the crock pot (with a little water if necessary), flavor
>them up to taste and let them cook all afternoon and longer, if necessary.
>Early on, it's applesauce. Later, it's apple butter!

First. you have in 8 words cleared up my confusion as to what is apple
butter.  Second, what is the digest?  Third, please do send recipes for
agar-agar pie filling.