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re' meatless loaf

Hello...I have made a loaf my family likes out of brown rice and soy
ground beef.  I use equal parts of each, lots of onion, grated carrots,
celery, gr pepper, garlic, thyme, parsley, savory.  For binder I use
2 eggs worth of egg replacer.  I saute the veggies in broth till they
are soft.  Mix all together including the broth.  Add a little flour if
needed ie it's goopy.  Put in nonstick loaf pan, sprayed, because it bakes
a while and can stick bad.  Cover liberally with ketchup.  Cover with foil
and bake at 350 F until you can see it is holding its shape and the ketchup
has been absorbed.  Add more ketchup if needed bake unvcovered to get a nice
crust on top.  Serve with gravy...Frontier makes a meatless 0g Fat gravy
mix.  Naturally, mashed potatoes also.

I cannot provided exact amounts of anything because I improvise as I go
along.  It should not be dry though.  The brown rice gives a nice
chewy texture, and when cold slices very nice for meatloaf sandwiches.
Don't forget the horseradish.