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RE: Another sweet potato

Hi Beverly,
        I had the urge to eat a candied "orange colored potato thingy" last
night.  AND, not wanting to make a whole bunch, since my husband does not
like them, I placed one, pre-cooked, pealed, and sliced, into a small
microwave container.  I heated the "orange thingy" till just warm.  Then I
placed a few marshmallows on top and microwaved it till the marshmallows
melted.   (insert vegetarian marshmallows here)

NO salt, NO brown sugar, AND NO butter were added.

IMHO,  it tasted pretty good!

BTW, I originally cooked the sweet potato in the microwave wrapped loosely
in waxed paper.  This really made the potato cook faster, AND it kept the
moisture in too.  Much better than my previous tries with unwrapped S.P's.

Hope this helps you,
Lynda Swink
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