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<<Ok, I admit it.  I have a terrible sweet tooth.  Are there any gummy sweet
candies (ex. candy corn) out there that are Vegan?  Thanks>>

This is an old question, posted quite a while ago.  I mailed my answer to the
wrong place... and only found out about it now.  Still applies, though.  It
also applies to the person who complained about KNORR"S bouillon.  ANY item
which has a reliable kosher certification and the word PARVE next to it, is
totally 100% animal product free, be it bones, skin, or dairy (excluding a
very very few items made with gelatin, which are clearly marked and hard to
find).  Also, it is produced on factory equipment that has been "kosherized"
(more stringent than sterilization) from animal products.  Now, to my original

Many sweets which traditionally contain gelatin CAN be found in vegan form, IF
you buy a package marked Kosher and "Parve".  Any kosher item containing
gelatin will have it clearly marked, but those items are quite few and far
between (gelatin is problematic when keeping kosher).  Ike and Mike would be
one good vegan choice, and also Twizzlers (they don't say Parve but they are).
For anything more "fancy" than that (ju-jubes, etc.) I would suggest a kosher
grocery store where you can find many kosher + parve sweets, including candy
corn.  Unfortunately, they still contain chemicals just like any other sweets
(albeit with no animal derivatives).  Did you know that carmine, a "natural"
red food coloring, is derived from bugs?