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re' rice cookers

Hello...Yes if you are not a rice lover I would see extra rice as a
problem.  You can freeze it into portions to be used later though.  I
do a lot of freezing of ingredients that require too much work to include
in a quick meal otherwise.  And my family loves rice.  They will make
a meal out of just fresh cooked rice and soy sauce when we are rushed.

For my birthday I received a book called 366 DELICIOUS WAYS TO COOK RICE,
BEANS,AND GRAINS.  It is not a fatfree cookbook and it does use dairy
products.  What I do like about it though is that it uses meat, fish,
seafood as an option.  The recipes are designed without it and if you
want can add.  This is a neat idea...Otherwise I just normally use
regular recipes and substitute and delete like crazy.  My cookbooks are
totally scribbled up and noted as to what I did why, when, and what for.