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re' apple sauce, apple peeler

Hello...I was going to respond earlier to someone who posted about
fall and applesauce, but I forgot.  The note about the apple peeler
reminded me.  I have a friend who has one and loves it.  She mass
produces apple pies and freezes them.  You could, as you did use for
crisp or applesauce.  Has anyone frozen apple slices for future use???

We have one of those apple correr/slicer things.  We make lots of apple
sauce.  My daughter has a recipe called BOTTOM OF THE DRAWER APPLESAUCE.
She makes it whenever the variety of apples in the fruit drawer are
getting a bit bruised or shriveled.  I used to have to do all the
peeling but now with this little gadget she doesn't need me as much.
This does not peel the apples, or slice them, it sections them into
10 pieces and removes the core.

Another recent acquisition this year was a food mill.  We have our own
apple trees so have plenty of apples. We just don't have a good way to
store them through the year so we make applesauce and then buy fresh
apples to eat as needed.

So Emily readied about 20 pounds of apples for me in no time the other
day. We just added enough water to cook and I like to add lemon juice.
Then when soft, put through the food mill.  I process into quarts: this
gives me plenty for eating when the jar is opened plus for using in
recipes.  It makes a nice smooth applesause good for using as a fat
substitute in baking.  Oh, I don't sweeten ahead of time as I don't
know what purpose I will be using that jar of sauce for later.  The
family just sprinkles their serving with our cinnamon/sugar mix.