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Re: Rice Pudding

>Hi all,
>I love McDougall's rice pudding - the instant kind in the cup to which you
>add hot water.
>I'd like to try making his recipe in "12 Days to Dynamic Health", which calls
>for cooked brown rice.  I'm wondering if I should use long grain or short
>brown rice?  Does it matter?  The recipe doesn't specify, and I've never made
>rice pudding.
>--- Laura, home with her new baby in the Salinas Valley

Hello...Congratulations on the new little addition to your family.

Use the short grain brown rice.  It is stickier when cooked.
The long grain brown, like the long grain white, cooks up separately
and is best when you are serving rice as in a stirfry.

In response to some other posts about rice...

I always cook the maximum amount of rice my cooker will hold.  That way
I always have left over cold rice and can plan around it.  I can't see
the wisdom of cooking up 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup amounts of rice.

As regards rice cookers, I have had mine for 15 years and it is a Sanyo.
I get about a 1 kernel thickness of rice stuck on the bottom on the
cooker.  I don't see this as a problem.