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buffet food and T'giving feasts

Congratulations on your marriage plans.
As for the buffet, there is always the common but delicious humus and
tabouleh, etc.  You can make a beautiful humus platter with a mound of the
stuff surrounded by sliced tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion  and cucumbers
arranged on a wreath of alfalfa sprouts.

There are all sorts of bean salads, from the traditional 3 beans salad that
is too sweet for my taste, to a black bean and corn salad flavored with
cumin and Oregano with lots of colorful sweet peppers and onions diced in.

If you have a crew to help the day before you could make lovely nori rolls,
just set up an assembly line, would take too long for several people working

Now back to T'giving, there are many, many holiday recipes in the fatfree
archives.  Maybe we should look up the ones with our own names on them and
dust them off, repost to the list.  I hope everyone knows what a great
resource the archives are and remembers to use them, as well as all the
other resources folks are sharing with us.
Jan G