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On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Ross, Lynne wrote:

> Hello All ! 
> I hope you are all enjoying the crisp fresh smell of fall - I love this time
> of year !
> Recently I was introduced to a very simple side dish of mashed rutabagas. I
> liked the flavor and thought they could probably be cooked several different
> ways
> and was hoping you all could help me with the spices and the methods of
> cooking
> using them.
> Thank you for any and all suggestions !!

You can cook and mash them with potatoes.  You can also slice them and
layer them with potatoes in scalloped potatoes.  (Parsnips are also good
this way.)

I also sometimes make a root vegetable stew:  carrots, parsnips, onion (or
leeks), turnips or rutabagas, potatoes, celeriac (celery root).  Peel
vegetables, cut all in stew-sized pieces and put in stew pot.  Add
water or broth (maybe also 1/2 cup white wine). Add a bay leaf or two,
chopped parsley, marjoram.  Cook until vegetables are tender.  Add salt
and pepper to taste.  Serve with a loaf of good bread.

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