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frozen berries, squash for one

Hi Fatfree-ers,

I bought all the blueberries I could in Aug/Sept and froze them in
tupperware containers.  I always see frost developing on the top.  It
doesn't bother me, and the flavor is still good, but it can make the
final product more water-y, depending on how they are used.

What am I doing wrong?  I believe the berries are dry when I start
out.  Should I be sure the container is full to the top?  Buy a
new freezer?  Use different containers?

One subject that comes up frequently is cooking for one.  Many great
suggestions have been submitted.  Another, easy one, is to buy those
very small cute squash and pumpkins.  Some are decorative, but at
the Berkeley bowl we are lucky to have MANY varieties of quite small,
cute squash -- such as sweetie pie pumpkins.  Since squash is so
WONDERFUL right out of the oven, small sizes are useful not to overdose!

I put my oven at 400 or 425, and let the squash cook about an hour.
This is quite long, most people will want to reduce it.  Then I just
slice it open and eat it with a spoon.


Also, the small pumpkin loaf recipe I posted probably a year ago,
that is probably in the archives, is just as delicious as ever (I
am enjoying it now).

Ellen M. Sentovich			
Cadence Berkeley Laboratories	1 510 647-2807 (office)
2001 Addison Street, 3rd floor	1 510 486-0205 (FAX)
Berkeley, CA  94704-1103		ellens@xxxxxxxxxxx