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Re: recipes for Jeruselem Artichokes

>Hi does anyone have recipes for Jeruselem artichokes? I have a few, but I
>promised a friend in New Hampshire I would look for some. When I moved from
>there, she inherited my three varieties of them.
>I have to find a place to plant them in Missouri-somewhere where I don't mind
>them spreading like crazy. They spread almost as fast as grass.
>Thanks, Jan Bennicoff

In vegetarian cookbook I have from England, they make a soup out of the
Jerusalem artichokes that sound just like pototo soup.  One pound of J.A.
are used in this recipe.  Another English cookbook I have has 3 recipes.
These are both old books so you will probably not be able to find them.
If you want I will copy and send on.

But perhaps you don't need them anymore.  I have only recently joined
this list and noticed the letter saying the last several months of letters
have just been forwarded!  That seems an awful long time to have to wait
so I am guessing then that you wanted these months ago.  However, let
me know if you are still interested.