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Re: Cast Iron Cookware

On Thu, 17 Sep 1998 07:53:14 -0400, you wrote:

>On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, L. F. LaFountain wrote:
>>> Is this the fatfree list?  What happened to the fatfree people?
>>> All this talk about cast iron cookware and its glory has skirted the fact
>>> that they are frying with oil!  It takes fat and oil to cook in cast iron
>>> cookware.
>MIchele Responded:
>>I don't use oil in my cast iron pan.  I use Pam or some water just like I
>>do to stir "fry" in my other pans.

>If you are using only water then you are truly cooking without fat... but if
>you are using Pam or any of the other similar products, then you are cooking
>with fat and oil, and possibly quite a bit of it.
>Just look at the typical serving on the label.... it is .25 gram.  This is a
>112th of an oz!!!  This is not even a drop, it is like a droplette!!  And
>the label even tells you how to acheive this portion size..... right next to
>the .25 gram it says ... about 1/3 second spray.  Did you ever time your
>sprays?   It is physically impossible to spray one of these for 1/3 second.
>Most people are spraying 1-3 seconds.
>And as we know, if the typical serving size has less then .5 grm of fat,
>they can list it as fatfree with 0 calories from fat.  But, if in actuality
>it has ~.5 gram (per 1/3 sec), and you were to spray for 1 -3 seconds, then
>you are actually getting 1.5 - 4.5 grams of fat.
>Chef Jeff
>Catering to your good health

Wow, this message is really old.
1-4g of fat looks alot better to me than 10g for a spoon of oil.
Other than small amounts of fat in things like oats, corn, etc.
this is typically the only added fat I eat so I'll use cooking spray
if I want to.  I'm not concerned about whether or not it fits into