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re' shiitake mushrooms

Hello...Don't the dried mushrooms have to be rehydrated in some
way?  I picked up a card in the produce section  on every (fresh)
vegetable and one was the shiitake.  They have a recipe on the
card.  They say to discard the stems and only use the caps.  They
stirfry the mushrooms in this recipe in some oil, soysauce, sugar
and hot pepper.

"In the forest, the shiitake mushroom grows on fallen or cut oak trees and
is now cultivated on oak logs.  The primary distinguishing feature
of this vegetabel is its garlic-pine aroma.  The garlic-pine scent is also
a clue to the freshness of the mushroom.  If they are odorless they are not
fresh.  Like other mushrooms, the shiitake looks  much like a
parasol and its flesh is golden brown."