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Re: Cast Iron Cookware

On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, L. F. LaFountain wrote:

>> Is this the fatfree list?  What happened to the fatfree people?
>> All this talk about cast iron cookware and its glory has skirted the fact
>> that they are frying with oil!  It takes fat and oil to cook in cast iron
>> cookware.

MIchelle Responded:

>I don't use oil in my cast iron pan.  I use Pam or some water just like I
>do to stir "fry" in my other pans.

If you are using only water then you are truly cooking without fat... but if
you are using Pam or any of the other similar products, then you are cooking
with fat and oil, and possibly quite a bit of it.

The ingredient list on these products say that they contain oil (some
nothing but oil)  yet the label says they have no calories, no calories from
fat, no sat, poly, or mono fat, no carbs, and no protein.  This is very
inaccurate and misleading.

Just look at the typical serving on the label.... it is .25 gram.  This is a
112th of an oz!!!  This is not even a drop, it is like a droplette!!  And
the label even tells you how to acheive this portion size..... right next to
the .25 gram it says ... about 1/3 second spray.  Did you ever time your
sprays?   It is physically impossible to spray one of these for 1/3 second.
Most people are spraying 1-3 seconds.

And as we know, if the typical serving size has less then .5 grm of fat,
they can list it as fatfree with 0 calories from fat.  But, if in actuality
it has ~.5 gram (per 1/3 sec), and you were to spray for 1 -3 seconds, then
you are actually getting 1.5 - 4.5 grams of fat.

And this would equal out to about 13.5 - 40.5 calories from fat.  And as
these products are usually nothing but fat/oil with some propellant, you
would be getting 13.5 - 40.5 calories (all from fat).

So, these products DO have fat/oil in them, they do have calories and their
calories come 100% fron fat and they can add a significant amount of fat to
any food you cook in them,

In Health,

Chef Jeff
Catering to your good health