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Another sweet potato ?

Can you stand another post on this?!

I'm not *even* going to get into the yam/sweet potato thing -- well, except
to say that my family never called them "yams" at all...;-)

Anyway, even as a child, I loved those orange potato-like things. And now,
don't ask how, I ended up with about 10 pounds of them! I have a habit of
letting bulk items like this spoil, so last night I wrapped all of my
orange potato-like things in foil and baked them. Now I have 10 pounds of
baked sweet potatoes.

I still have the recipe for mashed, which I can do. And I think I can
rustle up or convert a recipe for sweet potato pie. But does anyone else
have any ideas for already-baked sweet potatoes? I guess I could always
freeze them...


Beverly Brandt                        Director of Training

Tri-Tek Information Systems, Inc      St. Louis, MO
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