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re' letters

Hello...I have only been using this line for about 2 weeks, maybe three.
This letter is to everyone in general.  I'm beginning to feel kind of
upset.  I don't know how to explain it.  I read letters now wondering
what comment will come up next,even though they might not mean me.

It might have been going on all the time, but a couple days ago there
was a letter reminding everyone not to discuss nutrition.  I felt
scolded, as if I'd done something wrong.  I don't remember discussing
nutrition.  Then I get a letter complaining about oil..."oil is a fat"
etc, "this is a fatfree line!".  Now I'm feeling guilty.  Did I include
oil in a recipe?  I can't remember any.  Then I get a letter telling
me (nicely) I'm doing something wrong with my format and how to correct it.
Well, it wasn't my letter that had the problem. It was a letter I had
forwarded with mine, that I was replying to.  So now I'm feeling
inept on top of everything.  Which brings up today's letter with
advice on snipping and deleting and making my letter more readable for
the digest.  Again, it was said nicely, but I feel like I can't do
anything right, or at least not to the 100% perfection degree that
seems to be required for participation.

I just wanted to communicate with other, I thought, like-minded
people. I feel like I'm getting more acceptance being vegan/FF/LF
from non-vegan FF/LF people than I am here.  If you have read
this all the way to the end, thank you for "listening".  After all
this is my letter and I'll whine if I want to.