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Re: Nougat

>From: afisher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Albert Lee Fisher)
>>Hello...What is nougat? Here it's that sweet gunky stuff in side some
>>candy bars and chocolate -dipped candy.  Is that what you want to
>>make? Or is it something different in Australia as opposed to USA.
>Sort of... It's not the fudgey stuff that you get in chocolate bars and
>the like.  I want to make the plain white nougat.... usually called
>French Nougat.  It's soft, white and chewy and often contains almonds
>(although the dried fruit ones are MUCH nicer).  You usually get it
>wrapped in edible rice paper.  A nice sweet fatfree treat.  :)
>Robyn - Brisbane, Australia

Hello...Now that I know what you are looking for I can watch for in