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Several people have made requests about the "Thanksgiving" tofu roast.
Some have suggested making them by hand. Probably many others have not
heard of Tofurky yet.

Here is their website:


You can also contact them at www.tofurky.com

Our local Fred Meyer health food section is able to order them, but I
realize that Fred Meyer is not all over the Country, and certainly not
in Europe, New Zealand or other places Michelle's fine web site are

Tofurky can mail them to you also. I have not yet tried them, but I have
one on order for this Thanksgiving. They are not the lowest in fat of
vegetarian items, but certainly not as bad as the "so called" regular
Thanksgiving dinner.

I will let readers know what I think of it after the Holidays. In the
mean time, if you want to order one or more, I'd suggest doing it soon!
Tempus fugit.

To all Michelle's readers: Have a great holiday! If Thanksgiving is not
your Holiday, have a great day anyway.

Mike Rosenblatt