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>From: Willi Karl Kossert <koss3491@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Now Brand - Powered Stevia

>Would anyone in the area of Flint, Michigan know where I could find "Now"
>brand powered stevia.  The "Good Foods" store in Canton, MI that I used to
>buy it from has stopped selling it.  If not "Now", any other brand would
>do as well.  I would also be order it if necessary.

You can call 1-888-783-8482 which is the number for Stevita brand Stevia
and they will send you information on their products, and I think they
still will send you a free sample and information on their products. They
are located in Texas.

Their Web Site is at:  http://www.fastlane.net/~petro/stevia.htm

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