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Higher protein meals (was Re: Low carbohydrate meals?

On Mon, 16 Nov 1998 14:45:56 +1030  kirsten.andrews@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> However, as someone who *loves* her food, I did this mainly by
> relying on high carbohydrate dishes to 'fill me up' - pasta,
> potatoes, bread etc and have not maintained a high protein intake.

I recommend the software at www.dietwatch.com for tracking nutrient
intake.  It can help tune a diet to meet any personal intake goals.

> I would be *really * grateful for general tips on tofu or tempeh and any low
> carbohydrate recipes any members use.

I renamed the subject to higher protein rather than low carb, because
since this is a very low fat diet list, a diet that is both low carb
and very low fat would have to be upward of 70% calories protein and I
doubt that is what your advisor is recommending.  While nutrition
discussion is off-topic here, requesting higher protein/lower carb
recipes is perfectly OK.

I don't make many fussy dishes these days, some of my higher protein dishes
and snacks include:

Healthy Choice string cheese snacks: 8 grams protein, low fat, low

Sliced baked tofu stir fried with bottled szechuan or teriaki sauce.

Canned chili beans: 12 gram protein per cup

Eden soy extra soy milk: 10 grams protein per cup

Turtle Island Foods SuperBurgers (tempeh and wild rice burgers): 12
grams protein per patty

Michelle Dick             artemis@xxxxxxxxx              East Palo Alto, CA