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Low carbohydrate meals?

Thanks almost entirely to the members of this list, I revamped by eating habits
more than three years ago and learned to cook, adore spices, learn about new
foods and have maintained a healthy vegetarian lifestyle since.  I am a healthy
24 yo Australian woman who now loves to cook and has converted several of my
friends to vego lifestyles from recipes from the list.

However, as someone who *loves* her food, I did this mainly by relying on high
carbohydrate dishes to 'fill me up' - pasta, potatoes, bread etc and have not
maintained a high protein intake.  I not learned to cook with tofu or tempeh
and have not had much time for lentils.

I have been seeing a naturopath for a few months now, and she has suggested
that I increase my protein intake (she is *not* suggesting I eat meat!) and
reduce my carbohydrate intake as I am having trouble maintaining regular blood
sugar levels.

I would be *really * grateful for general tips on tofu or tempeh and any low
carbohydrate recipes any members use.  Bean and lentils are okay (Yeah, I know
they have carbohydrates) but I would prefer no bread, pasta, rice or fruit.  I
still plan to eat these things, but I have plenty of great recipes involving
these and need to reduce my intake.

Private postings are welcome if they don't meet the list guidelines but
personally I won't eat anything that once had a mother.... 

I am also happy to post a compilation of 'low carbo snack/meal suggestions' if
other members would find that helpful