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Healthy Choice Cheese

Hi Everyone-

  I was dismayed to see that Healthy Choice is moving from FF to LF. 
Not that I use their product often (infact I like Kraft better), but I
hate to see fewer FF choices around so I decided to send them mail. 
This is the response I got:

Healthy Choice Cheese has moved from Fat Free to Low Fat.  Low Fat is
being introduced because consumers today are seeking more taste.  Thanks
for using our web site.

ConAgra Consumer Affair

I'd recommend lots of us sending them email about making the FF cheese
taste better instead of going to LF.  I told them that this is the only
product that they have that I use, and I wouldn't be using it anymore if
it was just LF.  If a bunch of us complain, maybe they will change their
minds or make a better product!

Their web site is at:


I did have some trouble with the form going through, so the direct email
that I received the response from is:  cffcr@xxxxxxxxxxx 



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