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Re: FATFREE Digest V98 #124

For Zoe in Santa Cruz,

You lured me out of years of lurking with the request for kedgeree;
it was a common supper in my youth and I miss it!  Although it does
originate in India, I believe it was a dish for the British.

My mother's version was simply rice with chopped hard-cooked eggs and
tinned salmon, salt and pepper. I've also had (years ago, of course)  
variations with kippers, cream and curry powder (nothing MY mother ever
would have used). 

When I get the craving now I mix some soft cooked short grain rice,
perhaps cooked in bouillon, with finely diced extra firm tofu to feel
like the eggs, curry powder for taste as well as color, and a generous
sprinkling of very fine nori strips which practically dissove into it and
remind me of the fish part. (Any dried flaked seaweed like dulse or
kelp cooked with the rice will work as well as the nori.)  Nuke (or heat
in double boiler) till hot and serve with fresh ground pepper.  

I'd use about four cups of rice to a package of Mori Nu tofu with the
other stuff (including salt and pepper if you like) all to taste.  It
should be very soft with the rice grains not at all fluffy and separate.

You can tell I mostly cook by feel and would never make a good cookbook

Thanks for luring me out of lurkdom and giving me this opportunity to
thank everyone on the list for the great recipe ideas and support!  I 
feel like so many of you are friends even though none of you knows
me...yet,that is.  This list reminds me of the morning coffee and 
chat times of my early suburban housewife days - a nice, warm feeling 
on this cool, rainy day in New Hampshire.

Be well,