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Baked potato toppings

ELbarbarella@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I'm looking for something to put on baked potato's


Here are some of my favorite ideas for potato toppings:

- steak sauce  (it's my favorite, and it's available in most restuarants)
- salsa
- vinegar (Balsamic works very well as do malt and seasoned rice vinegars)
- soy yogurt (in lieu of sour cream)
- fresh lemon juice
- fatfree salad dressings
- soy sauce
- soup
- any leftovers (especially ones that have some sauce like stir fries or stews)
- miso mixed with a little water
- steamed veggies with some of the steaming water
- soy cheese, melted
- chili
- fatfree barbecue sauce
- cooked beans (with some of the cooking liquid)
- canned tomatoes (Rotel -- the ones with hot peppers added -- are great)
- soy mayonnaise with fresh herbs added
- chili sauce
- spaghetti sauce
- fatfree gravy (we really like the Hain's brown gravy mix!)
- vegetarian worchester sauce
- prepared taco filling (use taco seasoning mix and reconstituted TVP)
- sloppy joe filling (use a commercial canned variety and add reconstituted TVP)
- Build a salad w/ chopped lettuce and raw veggies on top of the potato, then
add salad dressing or salsa

And, if you are at Wendy's, ask for some little packets of their "Chili Sauce".
It's not too hot and it's very good on potatoes.

You can use any of these alone, or you can combine a couple of them. For
instance, I like to top a potato with steamed veggies and vinegar. And we enjoy
tomatoes and beans mixed. For a quick and easy meal, open a can of fatfree
veggie chili, cover your potato, and top with a slice of soy cheese. I also
really like building a salad on top of the potato (we do that at Wendy's when
we are travelling). It's kind of a cross between a taco salad and potato salad.

As you can see, we use baked potatoes as a base and put just about everything
on them. Indeed, fruit is about the only thing I can't imagine putting on one.

Ellen C.